Reza Toghi

Reza Toghi Biography

Full Name: Reza Toghi
Birthdate: 06/08/1974
Birthplace: Isfahan, Iran
Art: Miniature
Years of Activity: Since 1991

Reza Toghi is a miniaturist who was born into an artistic family in Isfahan in 1974. He began to learn painting from his cousin, who was a distinguished painter, at a young age against his father’s will. Reza’s father was an eminent artist but he did not want his children to enter the art world but due to his great talent for and interest in painting and thanks to his cousin, he entered professionally the world of painting at the age of 17. To begin with, he created some artworks in manuscript illumination area and then in a variety of other painting areas and helped the interested young artists. Reza Toghi has suffered various vicissitudes in order to reach his goal. Today, he displays his works of art in different galleries in Iran and foreign countries as well as his own gallery that is currently one of the biggest and most specialized art galleries. Reza’s paintings have been gracing people’s homes for many years, and Iranian visitors and foreign tourists visit his gallery and get familiar with miniature every day.

He goes on to talk about the rest of his artistic activities and entering the world of miniature:
“Learning miniature well, I rented a small workshop in 1997 so that I could continue my artistic activities independently and get into the labor market. In same year, I became familiar with the manager of one of the galleries in Isfahan and worked for him specifically for four years.”
“In 2001, after the September 11 horrible attacks, working conditions worsened and placed me and my family under financial pressure. For two years, I received no order from the gallery in which I worked.”
“Soon after, I decided to try my luck. I wanted to rent a small gallery and independently display my paintings again. That was a lot of hard work because all galleries in Isfahan were located in a tourist area and involved great expenses. However, I had to overcome my fear one way or another. So, I rented a small gallery in Naghsh-e Jahan Square and started working under the name of Persian Art.”
Although I had a lot of visitors from different countries in the first year, I sold fewer works of art in comparison with the following years because my artworks were in large size and were not suitable for small modern European houses. Therefore, I decided to present my works in smaller size on camel bone so that they would have more reasonable prices and would be suitable for European and American customers’ houses since I had to sell my paintings to make ends meet and cover the gallery’s expenses.”
“After six years, that gallery was too small to meet the visitors’ needs. As a consequence, I moved to a larger gallery in Nashgh-e Jahan Square. The new gallery had a traditional architecture, so I was after a large modern gallery that belonged to me. Thus, I increased my artistic activities in order to earn more money. I painted for 16 hours a day then.”
“Participation in exhibitions in Iran inspired me to test my art and display Iranian painting by attending international exhibitions. Meanwhile, I became familiar with Masoud Beheshti Parvar, and because of the trust and friendship that had developed between us, I let him work in my gallery, which helped me a lot. For example, when I was too busy, he would take part in exhibitions in France on behalf of me under my brand name because he kind of mastered French language and his wife was studying in France in that period.”
“In 2016, I managed to fulfill my lifelong dream and ran the first and largest Iranian miniature gallery that I still have and work in.”
Art Exhibitions
Participation in Belarus art exhibition (2011) At the invitation of Iranian Embassy in Belarus
Participation in the art exhibition in Lion (2011)
Participation in the art exhibition in France (2011)
Attending Silk Road International Handicrafts Exhibition (2012)
Attending the art exhibition in Milan, Italy (2013) through AITO
Participation in the art exhibition in France (2013)
Attending the art exhibition in Milan, Italy (2014) through AITO
Participation in the art exhibition in Milan, Italy (2015) through the auto racing company

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